Monday, September 11, 2006

What A Mom!

Today was Matt's first day of school, senior year! I am so proud of my handsome young man. Yes, I got weepy when he walked out the door, and yes, I was really pissed at him because he would not let mommy take a picture of him on his first day. Its been a tradition every year and this is his last. I am big on revenge, though (lol).
Anyway, for anyone who cares, I apologize for not adding to my blog in so long. I have kept myself busy over the past few weeks. Lets see... Well, another migraine. In fact, this one probably gets the gold star. I am now taking a preventative med daily to avoid any more migraines. I still get headaches that start, but I take 3 ibrubrofin and a naproxin type pill right away and they usually help. I have not puked in two weeks, (yee ha!) and that is a new record for me! What else... Working on some really great scrapbook pages for some family members. I am happy with my work, like the way I have become more daring with colors. I am just starting to use ribbon. I am no artist, but I have to admit, I am fairly creative. Got a page done last night and two more done tonight.
Yesterday Matt and I had a great day to ourselves. Kind of. We had the house to ourselves If you knew what has been going on here lately, you would know how big a deal this was for us. He and his buddy banged aroound in the driveway on his latest 'project' - a white Bronco, while I did a month's worth of laundry, worked on a transcript and made dinner for us. My steaks were awesome, lots of garlic, yum!!! Then I worked on my scrapbooking.