Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Beginning?

Today is the last day of 2007. Its a little scary, and exciting at the same time. This is the day we should all say 'I'm gonna do it better next year', 'I want to change this' or 'Let's make the new year as good as this one was'. Today, I decide what I want out of the new year - and make it happen. Yes, I am working on a positive attitude, so that will be new for me. I am going to get out there and make things happen instead of crumpling into a heap in the corner because things are bad. There will not be bad days for me, its sunny days ahead! Every day will be a day at the beach for me this year. I have many goals to accomplish this year.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


I worked all day, but I finally finished an album. It's such a great feeling. Now I have to put things away. Tomorrow, I will gather up my supplies for the next book.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

What To Expect In '08?

Well, Christmas is over. I am a little bummed today because I am trying to download all the pictures from the past week and start putting things away. The tree is drying out badly and a dear friend just lost her father. Who would not be down. And, there is no sunshine today. Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I need sunshine and warmth!

So, what am I doing with my weekend and what is the big plan for the new year? Well, number one is to get in better shape and eat healthier. I have ingested way too much sugar over the holidays. Also very important, to get a whole lot more scrapbooking done. I have boxes and boxes of photos to scan and save. Then, I need to organize them and get them into albums! That Christmas gift I was making - not even started! How terrible is that? At least someone will have something to look forward to in the near future. I may just do the first page and then give the gift, then I can finish it later. I need to find another online scrapping group to chat with and get ideas/info from. The last one was a bunch of cliquish snobs. The Stepford Wives. All they did is drop their kids at daycare, and spend their days spending money and scrapping while their housekeepers took care of the cleaning and cooking for them. Those of us who work for a living did not stand a chance in that group, and those women made sure us working girls knew we didn't belong!

Okay, I just worked out, downloaded all the Christmas pictures and got the scrapbook supplies out that I am working with. Dinner is in the oven, so I have an hour to work. Someone, motivate me, please! I promise the Christmas pictures will soon follow...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

9 Days Til Christmas

Are we ready for Christmas? NOOO... I just baked my first batch of cookies today. Nothing has been wrapped. Saving the wrapping for next weekend. I try to get that done all in one day because it kills my back. Now I am getting ready to scrapbook a bit. I will be happy if I can get two layouts done. I still have to make my grocery list of baking items before I can do any more cookies. Trying a new recipe for Chocolate Truffles this year as well as my Black Russian Brownies (yes, they contain Kahlua and vodka) and a few more of my specialties that are well loved by family and friends. I planned to make a big pot of my world famous chili today, but was not in the mood for a trip to the grocery store for ground beef and beans, and Matt was too busy under the hood of the Bronco to make a run for me. So, I cleaned, finished a transcript, and read a few pages of a book, The Godfather's Revenge. Its a great book, but I just don't have enough time to read more than 2 or 3 pages a day. That is very unlike me. Normally, I could finish a good book in a weekend, this one has taken me about 6 weeks so far. Its not like I have nothing else to do. I have been up and working since 4am. Don't think I will be going out tonight, I am ready to crash now. How sad. Okay, better get those layouts going. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Well, less than two week till Christmas. I have been very busy with both jobs, and trying to keep up at home. That part isn't working. Friday was my baby boy's 19th birthday so we went out to celebrate. As expected, I took lots of pictures. At least I got three pages scrappped Saturday morning. I did finally start my baking last night. Its officially Christmas now! Well, time to get back to work. Enjoy the pictures.