Friday, December 05, 2008

It's Almost Winter

I know, I know... Been ignoring this thing. But seriously, is anybody listening? I have been working my butt off, scrapping like there is no tomorrow. My lappy is slowly dying, I know its going but its been warning me for a while, so I finally had to get a new one. I am working on teaching myself Vista and setting everything up on this thing now. I couldn't get my transcripts done anymore, which meant no extra work coming in! So, had no real choice here. Hey, I got to meet two really great ladies that I met through my scrapbooking website ACOT. They came from MD to NJ and we went to a crop together and met in person for the first time. It was one of the best days ever! Well, Christmas is coming soon, but first is Matt's 20th birthday on Sunday. Can't believe my little baby is going to be 20! We are going to have both sets of grandparents with us and a few friends, watch football with my famous chili and wings. Then it will be time to get the cookie recipes out. I have to find a few new ones to try each year, but I have not run across anything this year that appeals to me. If anyone has any good cookie recipes, give em' up please!