Friday, January 25, 2008

My Achievements?

Okay, January is almost over. I started the month out strong with my goals in mind, but this past week I began fading. I need a good kick in the pants or something. I did finish another scrapbook, but then sort of put that stuff aside. I cannot get in the mood right now. It took me two months to finish a book, and it was one that would normally take a day or two for me, it is one of those good stores that is hard to put down, but I sure put it down often! I don't know where my time is going, but I am definitely not sleeping the days away. Just the opposite. Here it is, 2am, and I already am on my second cup of coffee and put in an hour's worth of time on a transcript. I want to scrapbook so bad, but the ideas just aren't flowing. I am working on a 4 page layout that will be a gift. I have all the pictures ready and in order, I have the cardstock I will be using on each page. I even have my journaling done for each page. Its just a matter of tacking it all down and adding embellishments, which are all sitting right there on the table. Why can't I get going? I had even decided to try to get my knee stronger on my own and started riding the exercise bike every night, or almost. I got myself up to 3 miles a night, and I did it abut 5 nights a week, until last week. I had gotten really busy at work, and even got out of there late a few nights. It really stinks coming home in the dark. All I want to do is crawl right into bed. And, that is pretty much what happened last week. So, I screwed that up. Well, since its Friday, maybe I can get back on track with things this weekend. Great, another goal to attempt. This will be a very busy weekend though. Dad just had double hip replacement surgery yesterday and will now be in the hospital/rehab for about10 days, so I want to get over to see him. Tomorrow morning Mack and Isabella are getting their rabies shots and tomorrow night we are having friends over for my world famous chili. I am trying it with deer meat this time. Wish me luck! All I have left to say is TGIF!

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Karen said...

Tell your dad I'm sending prayers for a speedy recovery, Ann! (((HUGS))) Have fun with the chili. Venison doesn't taste much different than beef when it's in chili.

I realized today it's February and my January socks (For Sock of the MOnth group) aren't done yet! (Knitting)