Monday, April 07, 2008

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

I may have just gone over the edge now. Went over to Rosie's (SIL) last night and brought home a TON of her pictures to copy/scan. And, she has boxes and boxes I haven't even touched yet. She takes lots and lots of pictures and I needed more pictures of the kids for 'Grandpa's Brag Book'. Going to a crop Friday night, so I need to get this done this week, as well as work all week. I am thinking of taking Friday off from work so I can prepare for the evening's events. It's going to be a long week, got up at 4 today and finished a transcript.
Did two LO's yesterday, one that I am absolutely crazy about. For anyone who isn't scrap savvy, LO means Layout, another word for a scrapbook page, just like you see below. I still have to post them to ACOT. I am toying with the idea of setting up my own website also... We'll see. Don't know if I am ready for another project right now. I have a pile of library books as well as books from Jen's grandmom that I am trying to read as well as scrapping. I am committed to ACOT's Layout A Day Challenge. Last month I only completed 28 LO's, so I have to do better this month. So far, I only have 2 for the month and today is the 7th. I don't see any LO's getting done before Friday, I will be quite busy getting my pictures ready. Then I need to pack my supplies and make sure I have everything I need, fit it all in one bag. Then, I have another crop on the 19th of this month. Then, in May, ACOT has a weekend long crop, that will take lots of caffeine as well as lots of prep time. I can't wait! ttul!!!


Amy said...

Ann, have fun at your crop on Friday! And my only advice would be to have fun scrapping...don't feel like it's a race to get things done. Just enjoy the process!

Brittney said...

best advice, is to scan in as many on a page as possible then crop them apart. Less scans, then just upload them to somewhere to get printed, like WM. If you have time make page kits, match pps/cs to pictures with a few match emblies and throw them in a huge ziplock with the pics, and for extra print a sketch/lift for that layout. You can get so much done! Just make sure most importantly to have fun!