Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Holiday Updates

Hope everyone's holidays were great. We had a wonderful Christmas here. I took lots of pictures, will download them soon. Right now I am working on a scrapbook I am making for Matthew of his dad. I gave it to him for Christmas even though it was not done. He was really happy with it. I was a bit worried that he would not realize the time, effort and expense I have been putting into the project for the past 8 months, but he did. I underestimated my beautiful son. I am more proud of him every day. Kim spent Christmas Day with us and I was so very happy to have the day with the two of them. We laughed and joked and had the best time ever! What was everyone's favorite gift? I loved all my gifts. I got a Harbor Bay lighthouse; its a collectible. I collect them and love lighthouses. Kim got me this awesome box filled with scrapbook embellishments, all great things that I can't wait to use. She has great taste. I also got a bottle of my favorite perfume, White Diamonds, as well as many other great things. I just had to name a few of the epecially great ones. Thank you again to all you special people in my life.


Karen said...

Merry Christmas! The kids got me "It's a Wonderful Life" on DVD and a novel I've been wanting.

I think my favorite gifts are the ones I bought myself, though. LOL Silk yarn and a couple of knitting books! ;-)

Ann said...

Karen, the kids' picture is adorable and I cannot believe how they are growing up so fast! Sounds like you had a great Christmas as well.