Sunday, March 18, 2007

Remember Me?

Well, I may have set a new record here for laziest blogger. Not for lack of trying, as is the story for everything else I attempt. It is almost spring and I can't wait! Then I will want to spend all my free time sitting outside, getting some much needed fresh air. By this time, I had planned to have numerous scrapbook projects completed; that has not happened. I am still working on the finishing touches to Matt's album (yes, the unfinished Christmas gift I gave my son). I must defend myself - the album is together, all the pictures are on the pages. I just have to add names and dates to a few pages yet, and maybe an embellishment or sticker here and there. My scrapping addiction is still as strong as ever, there are just way too many other things that take my attention and time away, as well as not enough 'weekend' time! I have only taken one vacation day so far this year, and used that day to catch up on laundry. I feel like there is nothing more to my life than work, work, run and do stuff for others, worry, work, worry... Too much to worry about, not enough rest; its all about everyone else's problems and needs. This is not a complaint, it is the truth... I have faced it.
Today is dad's birthday. We celebrated as a family yesterday for him and Frank (14), with a great St. Patrick's Day theme. It was so much fun. I love having all the kids around together, even though the noise can be a bit much and the preparation then clean up seem worse each time. It reminds me of my childhood. We had so much fun with our cousins, and even though we lived hours apart, we were very close growing up. Those are some of my absolute best memories and I want my son and his cousins to have those wonderful memories too. And, of course we all take lots of pictures now, and all the kids love to ham it up for the camera.
So, as I sit here and watch Jaws, I am downloading last night's pictures and chuckle to myself.
Family, you gotta love em...


Karen said...

Welcome back! I like the new look. And it's about time you updated this place. You work too much!

Your scrapbooking addiction is like me with yarn.

Ann said...

hey, K - we need more time for our 'addictions'