Saturday, November 10, 2007

Staying Alive

Angela and me in Cape May, August 2007

I am really depressed, this summer was great, but now it's gone. I spent lots of weekends in Cape May, one of my favorite places to be. I have lots of picture of the beach, as well as the Cape May Lighthouse. I love lighthouses, and collect them. Trying to prepare for Thanksgiving; I am hosting the family dinner this year. I must be crazy. Actually, I just love to cook. Finally perfected my spaghetti and chili. In fact, my chili is awesome! Still scrapbooking. I finished an 8x 8 book for Maria as a graduation gift, then did another one, as a birthday present for Patty. That was a collection of pictures all through our years of friendship. What a blast from the past! Now I am scrapping all my Christmas pictures, starting all the way back to my first Christmas, as well as two more gift ideas I have. I could turn this into a full time career if I actually had the time...

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