Monday, November 26, 2007

Keeping Busy

Thanksgiving was great. I made two new dishes, altering the directions on both somewhat. They were both awesome! I tried a sausage stuffing, it was Emeril's stuffing contest winner (Down Home Italian Dressing), but I did not follow the instructions completely, instead doing the Irish girl version, and it was to die for. I also tried a new recipe that was in a magazine for fresh green beans with sweet red peppers, mushrooms, and caramelized onions. It was oh, so sweet! I took lots of pictures of everyone, and will download some to add to this post. Spent all day Friday scrapbooking, as well as Saturday until it was time to go out ~ Mexican food and margaritas, baby! Sunday was Christmas shopping, watching one of my favorite movies 'Godfather II' and reading a good mystery. Today is the last day of my vacation, and since it is raining, I plan on watching some good movies and scrapbooking. I am halfway through one album, then I need to start an album that I want to make for my father for Christmas (a 'Grandpa' book) and another gift idea I have been toying with.

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