Sunday, July 30, 2006

Where I Came From

I wasn't born yesterday, although it would make a great excuse some days. See, I seem to be suffering from CRS. For those of you that don't know, or are suffering from CRS, it is a very serious disease. It can strike anyone at any time, although it is more likely to hit as we get older (over 21, that's all I admit to). CRS was completely unknown to me until about 6 or 7 years ago when my beloved Grandma started showing signs of the disease. CRS stands for Can't Remember Shit. Actually, Grandma called it 'Stuff'. She was always a lady, and one of the mot important people in my life. She is in heaven now, baking and cooking, taking care of her flower beds, and shopping with other angels. I miss her every day. OK, well, I am the oldest (not old) of 4 siblings. I have a brother and two sisters. We grew up in Ohio, and moved to NJ when we were still kids. I have 3 nephews and 7 nieces, and love them all as if they were mine. Each one of these kids have a special placve in my heart. I try to spend time with each of them, quality time. For instance, I just spent my Saturday night watching three of the kids while their parents went out to dinner. We watched movies while we ate popcorn, peanuts, chips and dip, and wings. These are some pictures of me with the kids and my dog, Isabella.
I am a great aunt, but I am also mom to Matt. He will be getting plenty of time here. Matt is the love of my life, and some days he's the only reason I keep going. I am a single mom, its tough every day, all the time!

Now my whole story is out, I guess. My family consists of me, Matt and Isabella. Maybe we will add to our family one day, but not right now. I am just looking for a guy that likes to have fun, nothing more. I tried the "more" stuff, but it gets complicated. I want time to be me again, spend time with my loved ones and laugh. So, yeah, any single guys that can laugh and have fun, let's laugh. But you'd better like hot wings, icy cold beer and horror flicks. Otherwise, where's the fun?

Anyway, Saturday night with Frank, Miranda and Jade absolutely ROCKED! I have yet to meet the man who can outdo these kids in the fun department. Yes, that is a challenge...

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