Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hump Day!

All I can say is thank God it's almost over. Wednesdays are my least favorite day, and my "long day" at work. It's downhill from here as the saying goes. It was not a bad day though, just started out slow. I had ordered some scrapbook supplies I needed to finish Matt's karate album. I was hoping the stuff would arrive before the weekend so I could work on the scrapbook Sunday. Surprise! The package came today. At lunchtime I hit Dunkin Donuts and got coffee for Susan, Nora and myself. Instead of a hot one, I decided to go with a mocha latte. Man, I love those things! All that caffeine wires me and makes me goofy (goofier some would say). That helped make the day go faster. Oh, by the way, the three of us girls have new nicknames in the office. I think the extreme heat has burned up some of our brain cells. Anyway, a guy that Susan is sort of seeing called her the other day and said "hi, Cupcake". Well, that didn't sit too well with Suz. Of course, Nora and I had to tease her endlessly. Somehow we decided to all be some type of cake. Therefore, I am now referred to as Tastycake, Nora is Fruitcake and of course, Susan is Cupcake. We work in a very professional environment.

As I sit here and write about my day, I am enjoying one of my favorite shows, Everybody Loves Raymond, and drinking a nice, cold beer. Hey, I may treat myself to a second one. My favorite beverages are Tequila, Jack and beer. Non-alcoholic are coffee, Diet Pepsi with Lime and lemon lime seltzer. I wish I could live in Margaritaville. I guess its time to start thinking about what else I will do this weekend aside from the scrapbooking. I have a 6 o'clock hair appt Friday night (like I really need more blond in my hair!), so I know I won't want to go out and do anything by the time that is done. Good night to watch movies. I'll figure something out... Time for another Yuengling.

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Karen said...

Great blog, Ann!!! You've figured it out! :-)