Monday, August 21, 2006

At The Shore

Note to self: when in Ocean City, do not eat at Angelo's Pizza.
Yes, I finally made it to the beach this weekend. Hey, when Rosee says she and the girls are taking a ride, do I want to join them, I am not going to stop and think about the dust piling up, the To Do List I have yet to 'do'. The sun was bright and it was oh, so *hot*! I took a good paperback and sat with my feet in the water. The wave weree pretty wild so when I would least expect it. a big wave would come by and soak my ass... Do you think I learned my lesson? Uh huh. Nope, not me. I loved every minute of it. We had packed drinks and snacks. Then, on the ride home we decided to stop for a couple slices of pizza since it would be late when we got home and we were starved. So, we thought pizza sounded good, and would be cheap. No one had much money on them. We drove the streets of Ocean City for nearly 1/2 an hour, looking and finally came across a pizza joint. Mom and Britt ran in and got some slices. They came back with 10 slices (a large plus two extra slices) - two slices each. It was $22. And, the cheap bastards could not even put some garlic in a little plastic container. Rose and I love to pile extra garlic on our pie. It tasted like frozen Ellios. NEVER AGAIN! Oh wait, here is the best part - as we are sitting in the car eating, around the corner from Angelo's is another pizza place - with a special of a large cheese pie, 2 liter soda and 10 wings for $17.95! Where were you when we needed you?
Want to see the pictures from the beach?

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jenn said...

ohhhhhh damn pizza nazis! i love mac and mancos pizza on the boardwalk in oc. glad you had a nice day at the beach! :D