Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Vacation

Well, it has been a whole week since I added to this blog (sorry Karen). But, I'm now on vacation. Things got off to a rocky start, with the worst migraine I have ever experienced. It caused me to miss a friend's wedding, which I had been looking forward to for the longest time. After lots of puking and drugs, I woke Saturday about 9:30 feeling a bit more normal (?). I had to hurry and get packed for my sister's. The next three days were spent quietly (sort of) with three dogs. I got to scrapbook and sit by the pool, reading. I got a great tan to show, but am in desperate need of sleep. I had my Isabella and two huge chocolate Labs in bed with me. Madison is a female, and her brother Grizzly is a male. I fondly refer to him as "Moose". He is as slow and calm as his sister is wild. Maddy and Belly had fun running the yard and playing "chase" every morning and every evening. I enjoyed the much needed peace. But, now I am home and have to get stuff done. I am paying bills, cleaning and trying to find a place to get Matt's Senior Portraits done. The place the school hired is too expensive. His pictures turned out good, but I think I can get better pictures for less. So, that is today's goal. I am going to work on finishing Matt's karate album after that. I am so proud of my progress!
Well, this scrap happy chick is going back to work. I promise to show my work soon!

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