Sunday, August 06, 2006

How Was Your Weekend?

My weekend went by too fast. Can I have a do over? Spent most of it with a migraine, that is still with me. Waaa...

Karen my dear friend, thanks for correcting my spelling of "be-yotch". My favorite 'English Teacher', I owe you an apple (lol).

Well, I printed and cut over a hundred pictures, paid bills, did laundry, cleaned my desk, and got online to order more scrapbook supplies. But the highlight of the weekend was waking at 3am to this migraine and laying there for 5 hours feeling like puking and not having the strength to move. Anybody want to change places with me?

Actually, the highlight of my weekend was getting an email from a good friend, Carroll. We lost touch over the years. Also, I watched one of my favorite movies with my nieces Brittany and Carly. We watched Legally Blond. That one gets funnier every time.

Work was really busy today. Didn't sleep last night thanks to my headache and the heat. Isabella was breathing way too heavy. Watched The Godfather and The Godfather, Part II on AMC during the night. Ok Belly, tonight Mommy sleeps! Oh, this is a picture of my baby girl. Isn't she beautiful?

All right, I have been home for over an hour and have not done anything except play on the computer. Better recharge the battery and get on the treadmill or I will never fit into that little black dress Friday night......


jenn said...

isabella!! how cute!

and yes...we must continue the myspace stalking. :D

Karen said...

Migraines suck! I feel your pain, dear friend. Bella is awesome.